Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Rolemonkeys Extra -- Gifts From anim5!

This is not necessarily how the normal Rolemonkeys episode will go. Chris and I sent anim5 (of the wonderful International Detective Dragons From Outer Space podcast) some CDs with some tech training materials a month or two ago, and he sent the Rolemonkeys some neat goodies in return.

This was recorded after the first two of Max's D&D sessions (which will be the next things in the feed) and before the third. On that night, we ended up playing a boardgame.

Download the mp3here! (1.74 MB)


runester said...

Hey, I'm the first person to post on your new Rolemonkey's site. Yay, me.

I'm sorry to hear Mick is going, that sucks. And Chris too? WTF? Your's is still my favorite actual-play site.

Twilight said...

Maybe it's just my computer being goofy, but I'm having trouble subscribing to the new feed in iTunes. The feed shows up in the podcast list, but there's no mp3 files available for download.

Is this just a me issue, or is it more widespread?

Mark Kinney said...

We still have Chris until the summer; hopefully we can keep the quality up.

I just added the feed to my iTunes, and it seems to be working fine for me (though it did require a reboot to make it work due to my connection lapsing). I know iTunes can be finicky sometimes, though. Let me know if it continues to be troublesome.

runester said...

I was able to subscribe without issue. I show one episode entitled "Gifts from anim5" with a running time of 4:21.

BTW: I hope you guys are able to recruit some more new (cool) players. Like I mentioned before, your's is my favorite AP podcast. There's something very fun and enjoyable about your groups play style and I hope it stays that way.

Mark Kinney said...

Believe me, I hope so too. I'm trying as many people I actually know before delving into the local gaming boards, so we'll see what happens.

I do know that Carol (from AGC) intends to sit in from time to time, but she doesn't have time to make it a permanent thing.

I'll try to get an actual episode into the feed sometime tomorrow. I spent too long this evening trying to get some forums working. They're still a bit fiddly, but I think ready for prime time.